Just Because - I am Sorry


Sometimes people say “I’m sorry” by verbally beating themselves up. Using statements like “how stupid/careless/thoughtless of me” or “oh my goodness! I’m so sorry. I should have watched where I was going” expresses condemnation for your actions.

Being direct and taking responsibility for your actions is a good way to say that you are sorry. Statements like “I wanted to tell you I’m sorry”, “sorry, it was all my fault”, “that was wrong of me”, “sorry about that”, and “that’s my fault” show accountability.

Sometimes people express mistakes without directly saying “I’m sorry”. They admit their failings by stating “I was wrong about that” or “I had that wrong”. In these instances, they imply that they are sorry.

It is not easy to tell someone that “I am sorry”.  Pink softens any anger, relaxes the tension.  Let our #justbecause I am Sorry to be the messenger and express what you want to say.

As we are going "green" and sustainable, the bouquet will come wrapped with green foliages and be placed in a recycled paper bag. We encourage you to do away with wrapping paper and plastic. You will like our natural way of wrapping the bouquet.

Choose the size:

1. Decent (shown in the photo)

2. Surprise (Volumised foliages to create an impactful centrepiece)

3. WOW (Centrepiece that sit on the ground to make an impression.  For this arrangement, it can only be done with a vase)

4. OMG (Lavishly added Anthurium & elegant Phalaenopsis Orchids)

Choose the Size:

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