Just Because – Of You


Most of the time, love is blind, and love is unconditional. Sometimes you are not able to explain why exactly, as being with your family, your best friend, your partner, you feel safe, you feel empowered, you feel inspired, feel motivated, you feel happy. It is what it is and it us just because of who they are.

White is pure, elegant, blank and it is as simple accepting a person of who they are. Let our #justbecause of You to be the messenger to express that it is just because of ‘you’ that I am missing you, I am loving you, I am caring for you.

As we are going "green" and sustainable, the bouquet will come wrapped with green foliages and be placed in a recycled paper bag. We encourage you to do away with wrapping paper and plastic. You will like our natural way of wrapping the bouquet.

Choose the size:

1. Decent (shown in the photo)

2. Surprise (Volumised foliages to create an impactful centrepiece)

3. WOW (Centrepiece that sit on the ground to make an impression.  For this arrangement, it can only be done with a vase)

4. OMG (Lavishly added Anthurium & elegant Phalaenopsis Orchids)

Choose the Size:

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