Wildflower Bloom Box


Every day is a special day if you show love to someone you care about. It is never too much to present quality products with the freshest flowers to your loved ones, make them feel special. Let them know you are thinking of them on their birthday, anniversary, or even on a regular day.

In collaboration with The Honey Colony, we have created a beautiful yet affordable flower gift set bundling a good quality jar of Wildflowers honey with the freshest flowers of the day.

Western Australian Wildflowers | Honey for Life

A kaleidoscopic of floral flavours forged in sun-dappled wildflower meadows just outside of the coastal town of Green Head, Western Australia. This light amber honey has all the sweet aroma and taste of a million flowers, Spring sunshine and the change in season!

The flowers in the photo are for reference only.  FLWRS emphasizes the quality and freshness of the flowers.  Rest assured that we will package the honey with the freshest flowers of the day and compose the arrangement with passion and love.

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