He Likes it Minimalist


#Helikes It Edition

FLWRS specializes in customised floral design.  You are paying for our creativity and expertise.

The #artofgiving flowers is something that has been encouraged in every culture. #Flowers speak a thousand words and is the #perfectmessenger of #love.  It does not need to be elaborated, simply because #flowergiving communicates the deepest feelings in the most #elegantmanner.  Flowers are not just for her, but for everyone. 

FLWRS has created a foliage edition for him to complement every office or home.  You can order the floral arrangement with or without vase. 

#Helikes It Minimalist

Too much going on in daily life, and he appreciates clean and crispy look.  A minimalist design can be eye pleasing and soothing, for a person to look at, live with.  Our #Helikes It Minimalist is the perfect choice to give to someone who appreciate simplicity in life, loosely arranged clean look.

Choose the size:

1. Decent (shown in the photo)

2. Surprise (Volumised foliages to create an impactful centrepiece)

3. WOW (Centrepiece that sit on the ground to make an impression.  For this arrangement, it can only be done with a vase)


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