Baccarat Harcourt 1841 Vase & Arrangement


An endless source of inspiration, Harcourt pursues its fabulous destiny. Combining heritage and modernity, the Baccarat Harcourt vase brings a new interpretation, dressed in 20-carat gold.

With its octagonal shape, its cut facets and its architectural style, this vase perfectly illustrates the style and modernity of Harcourt. A true icon of Baccarat, the result of unparalleled know-how, the Harcourt collection has travelled the world, proudly displaying its sculptural lines, recognizable among all.

An artful and elegant centrepiece on a dining table, suitable for all occasions with different floral designs.  From a casual get-together floral composition with bright welcoming color palette to a formal dining invitation with an elegant deep colour palette, this vase is the most beautiful home for the flowers. 

Height: 32cm

Diameter: 17.5cm

Weight: 6.7kc 


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