Baccarat Eye Rectangular L


Flowers need a beautiful home. Baccarat Eye Rectangular L is one of our favourite vases.

The wavy design of the crystal Eye vase comes from an extraordinary technique: exterior horizontal cuts and interior vertical cuts combine to produce a magic visual effect.

With bevel cuts conjuring perpetual movement, the Eye vase is a spiral of light. The Eye Vase fabrication produces a multitude of shades and shapes leaving scope for an infinite number of compositions for every taste and in every color.

This stunning vase is suitable for living room coffee/tea table, entrance pedestal, dining table or even on a piano.

We specialize in floral arrangements based on interior and personality.  Engage us for a medium to large floral design in this arrangement and the price is the same for using fresh flowers, dried flowers, preserved flowers or a combination of all.

If you already have this vase at home, please choose a floral arrangement only and we charge a flat rate for a one-time arrangement.   If you wish to subscribe to a regular floral arrangement, please go to the flower subscription page for a weekly subscription.

Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly subscription is the same fee, as we charge by frequency.  

Whatsapp 8322 6324 if you wish to speak with us.


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