FLWRS is a premium floral artist and stylist customising floral designs based on clients' needs. Our time is spent customising unique designs and sourcing beautiful decors for our clients, as well as guiding our clients on how to arrange flowers.

Our clients like our passion for our work, trust our tastes and appreciate that we have the eyes for aesthetics. In most cases, clients give us the liberty to create and wow them. We continuously go beyond their expectations and do our best to create an extraordinary experience and outcome.

Our roles in the process of creation include:

  • FLWRS is love. We are the middle person to deliver love on behalf of our clients to their loved ones. Excellent product and service are mandatory.

  • FLWRS is our clients' personal floral artist. We design and compose floral arrangements that best suit their interior and beautify the whole space. Art sense and eyes for beautiful arrangement are mandatory.

  • FLWRS has eyes for beautiful things. We assist clients to purchase items that best suit the interior or occasion. Being resourceful and building good relationships with our suppliers and partners is mandatory.

We focus on

  • Excellence

  • Modernity

  • Craftmanship

With the abovementioned, we are looking for individuals who are creative, passionate, think out of the box, problem solver and a good team player.

If you are interested to join FLWRS, do share your background with Jackie, at flwrsflwrs@yahoo.com or WhatsApp her at +65 8322 6324.

Turn your passion into fun and happiness.

Have a FLWRSful day!