Our Story

FLWRS was born during the 14 days quarantine period in a Singapore hotel room.

During the COVID situation, like everyone else, Jackie was separated from her loved ones for many months. She was not able to travel and the only thing she could do to convey her love was by sending flowers. Everyone who received her flowers was happy.

Flowers represent love. Flowers touch hearts and create lasting and loving memories.

During the 14 days isolation period, she watched many touching stories and one that especially triggered her emotion was an elderly man holding a bouquet of flowers waiting at the airport to receive his wife. When his wife saw him and his flowers, they embraced each other tightly & cried. It was a long separation due to COVID.

Jackie wanted to be part of the love and the simplest way is to become the one who makes and sends the flowers.​ With her architectural and interior design background, passion for art and floral art, she founded FLWRS with her sister, Catherine.

FLWRS derives from the word "Flowers." The missing vowels are meant to be filled with love, creativity and the human spirit.

FLWRS represent love.