FLWRS x The Honey Colony

FLWRS is a premium and service-oriented floral artist in town. We emphasize #goodandartisanal quality products ourselves and we create our products #withloveandpassion. We like working with people and brands who have the same core value and mindset as us.

Before partnering with any brand, we experience the brand and become a user. We #loveourclients, therefore we will only introduce the brand and products to our clients when we like a particular brand, its core value, philosophy and service.

FLWRS have been partnering with The Honey Colony since 2021. The founder, Raphael, is a great partner we value, is extremely humble, accommodating, hardworking, dedicated, and easy to work with. We drink only the honey from The Honey Colony every day.

About The Honey Colony

They are a small family run business based in Singapore and bring honey lovers some of the best quality honey from Australia. All their honey is 100% unprocessed and comes from various locations in Australia such as Tasmania and South-West Australia.

​They specialize in anti-microbial honey types such as Jarrah, Red Gum, and Leatherwood - all of which are known for their incredible flavours and even more amazing healing properties. However, they also carry many other #honey types that are just as delicious and worth a try!

Our Gift Set

Together with #TheHoneyColony, we have created 6 FLWRS gift sets that contain different types of honey. All gift boxes are decorated with the freshness seasonal flowers to enlighten everyone’s life.